Making hearing aids even better

Once more competence leader within digital modulation (DM) Comfort Audio put new innovative products on the market. Today is sales start in Europe for the new mini receiver Comfort Digisystem Micro Receiver DT20, first presented at EUHA in October last year. As all products within Comfort Digisystem, launched since 2007, it’s a digital wireless unit.

As its predecessor, released 2011, the new mini receiver fits with all hearing aids equipped with an audio shoe with a Europlug input. This tiniest receiver ever made is compatible with most BTE hearing aids on the market as well as cochlea processors, bone anchored solutions and streamers.

Earlier this year Comfort Digisystem phone solution (Comfort Digisystem Microphone DM90) was introduced - a product development solely based upon end users real needs. With its one-button-interface and two Bluetooth connections it gives a much longed-for opening to the joy of talking on the phone and an easier access to the digital world. In addition it has a built-in microphone which lets the person with a hearing loss hear his own voice and to participate in close range conversations. It can also be used as a receiver with the neckloop.

There are many good hearing instruments. But all hearing instruments have limits, when the distance to the sound source is 3 to 25 meters or in noisy environments, at school or in a working place. In these situations Comfort Digisystem, with its incredible speech intelligibility, takes your hearing aid one step further.

With the new mini receiver and the phone solution we open up new doors to the world of Comfort Digisystem. The key to success are solutions based upon different combinations of a wide range of microphones together with different types of receivers, where the choice of the later is the individual preference or practical conditions.