How did we think? Microphone DM10


Ulf Paulsson Liljeqvist


Electronics engineer


Most fun with what I do?

I have close contact with our mechanical and software engineers in order to find the very best compromise between performance, size and appearance. This is very challenging but also very fun to contribute with my ideas and take the product from sketch to final solution.

What was the most important thing that we succeeded with in the developing of the microphone?

The most important thing was to create a simple but yet a very powerful microphone which has lots of configuration possibilities to fit many different user cases.

Why does the microphone look like it does?

The first impression of the microphone is a firmly curved front and a glossy surface. This design is made in order to make it less touch sensitive.

What was the most challenging with the development of the product?

One of the biggest challenges was to create a product that has enough battery life for a full day use and yet keep the product slim and small in size. Lots of iterations were made together with our mechanical engineers to find a physical size which fulfilled our demands.

If you would dream…which product feature do you want to apply to Comfort Digisystem?

Infinite battery life.