How did we think? Conference Microphone DC20


Johan Sahlin


Design engineer


What was the most important thing that we succeeded with in the developing of the Conference Microphone DC20?

To combine the powerful and advanced inside technology with a discretely elegant and appealing exterior design.

Why does the microphone look like it does?

When placing the microphone on a surface we wanted to create a discreet and virtually floating appearance. The floating effect is achieved by giving the bottom part a slightly smaller outer geometry than the top part together with chamfered lower corners casting shadows at the below surface.
Side mounted buttons are giving direct access to the most frequently used settings and also enabling placement of the display on the back side for a discreet appearance.
Comfort Audio’s first product, Comfort Conference from 1994, had a characteristic, large, circular microphone which is adapted to the new microphone giving a strong brand heritage through the complete product family.
The alluring shiny paintwork is not only fetching, it also creates a minimum of noise when handling the product.

What was the most challenging with the development of the product?

It was to fit all electronic components inside the product still maintaining a very thin and slim profile.

If you would dream…which product feature do you want to apply to Comfort Digisystem?

Auto translation to any language without time delay.