How did we think?


Fredrik Larsson


Design Engineer


Most fun with what I do?:

I have a creative job with important products. I have fun and work with things that feel rewarding, it is a privilege.

What was the most important thing that we succeeded with in the developing of the Microphone DM05?

Creating an attractive and functional product that expresses its membership in the Comfort Digisystem family.

Why does the Microphone DM05 look like it does?

The raised border on the top surface creates an inner contour that gives the illusion of a smaller product. In the same way the side faces are horizontally split at different angles which makes the light reflect so that when one area is illuminated another one is in shadow, in that way it makes the product look thinner.

The area around the sound gate for the microphone is highlighted with a chrome ring and further accentuated by being slightly elevated, to clarify that it is an important area that must not be covered. The chrome ring is also a characteristic form element for Comfort Digisystem.

The raised border on the top surface has also a practical function as a support for the thumb when to use the clip.

What was the most challenging with the development of the product?

The challenge was to find the right shape and size for the microphone to create a good user experience. To make room for the electronics was also a challenge, but with a close and effective cooperation with the hardware developers there is always a way.

If you would dream…which product feature do you want to apply to Comfort Digisystem?

Voice clarification that turns mumbling to well-articulated speech or by eye tracking be able to choose the person (or sound source) you want to listen to.