How did we think? Microphone DM90


Kenth Svanberg


R&D Manager


Most fun with what I do?:

Developing products that makes a difference in people’s everyday life.

What was the most important thing that we succeeded with in the developing of the microphone?

The most important thing with the phone solution Microphone DM90 is that it combines an easy access to your mobile phone with the ability to connect with all products in the Comfort Digisystem family.

The phone access is not limited to only phone conversations, but also includes any other sound experience that you expect from a mobile phone of today.

Why does the microphone look like it does?

DM90 is a new member of the growing Comfort Digisystem family. That is why it has a strong resemblance to all other Comfort Digisystem microphones.

On the other hand it is important to easily understand the unique features of this particular product. DM90 has a focus on phone use. This is also the reason why the main button has an eye catching phone symbol which makes it easy to understand its main purpose.

What was the most challenging with the development of the product?

One button should be used to perform as many tasks as possible without making it too complicated.

It is tempting to try to solve all possible use cases with a user interface that is usable for a power user. We have instead tried to solve the most common use cases with simple button clicks on the main button. The challenge was to “kill your darlings” and prioritize what is most important for the end user.

If you would dream…which product feature do you want to apply to Comfort Digisystem?

Plug & Play connectivity with every available hearing aid so that all hearing aid users could have the opportunity to experience the benefits that Comfort Digisystem can provide.