Man and woman sitting at a café with hearing product Comfort Contego

Digital hearing products for home and leisure time

For many people with hearing impairments, there are situations in their daily lives where a hearing aid is not enough, when it is difficult to hear well: it may be in the shop, the car, in front of the TV, or when the family is gathered around the dinner table.

This is because hearing aids have problems compensating for the distance to the sound source, amplifying all sounds, including disturbing background noise.

Be able to hear better and seize the moment

This is why Comfort Audio has developed a wireless hearing product that will help a person with hearing impairment join in all situations involving family and friends.

It is called Comfort Contego and consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The sound is transmitted digitally between the units, resulting in excellent sound quality with natural speech reproduction.

A simpler alternative for conversations and meetings is the personal listener Comfort Duett, which consists of a unit with a microphone.

Hearing products that enhance speech

Comfort Audio’s hearing products help you grasp the details of a conversation, whether it is with one or more persons. Disturbing background noise and hum are reduced thanks to a shorter listening distance, allowing what is said to be heard more clearly.