Man working at a café, wears digital assistive hearing devices

Hearing products for accessibility in public places

By European directive, public places should be accessible for people with a disability. People with hearing impairments, for instance, should be able to take part in guided tours or public lectures on the same terms as those with normal hearing.

At the same time, environments where many people come together are demanding for people with hearing impairments. There are many different types of background noise and these are amplified by hearing aids. The acoustic conditions are difficult.

Digital hearing products for increased accessibility – and participation

Comfort Audio’s wireless hearing products give those with hearing impairment the best possible conditions to hear, to understand and take part.

The hearing products use digital technology to enhance speech and filter out disturbing background noise. The wireless radio technology is completely free of background noise.

A flexible solution

Comfort Audio’s hearing products can be used with hearing aids, cochlear implants, head- or earphones. Users can adjust the volume themselves.

The hearing products are:

  • Wireless, using digital radio technology
  • Portable, with a long operating period
  • Compatible with fixed systems
  • Secured against eavesdropping by means of encrypted signal transmission

The product range includes desktop microphones, microphones, several types of receiver, and accessories, such as loudspeakers and carry-cases.

Do you want to know more about accessibility?

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