Digital hearing products for pupils with concentration difficulties

A pupil doesn’t have to have a hearing impairment to benefit from our assistive hearing devices. A pupil with normal hearing, but who has difficulty concentrating, is often helped by the clear and distinct sound reproduction provided by digital hearing products during communication between teacher and pupil.

Clear focus and a calmer environment

With a microphone on the teacher and a receiver on the pupil, it is easier for a pupil with concentration difficulties to focus on the teacher over a longer period. The teacher can also communicate effectively with the pupil at a distance and does not need to raise his or her voice to be heard.

Comfort Focus: for enhanced concentration

Comfort Focus is a wireless digital system adapted for pupils with concentration problems and other learning difficulties. Transmission of the sound is crystal clear, and it filters out disturbing background noise. The system can be used with head- or earphones.

Comfort Focus ensures better conditions for children with reading and writing difficulties so that they can concentrate on the teacher. The outcome is better results in their school work, which in turn increases a pupil’s self-esteem. Furthermore, the classroom atmosphere is much calmer.