Digital hearing products for primary school: Being one of the gang

At primary school the need to understand and be able to work with others grows as each year goes by. At the same time, the sound environment of a school is often demanding, particularly for pupils with hearing impairments. The many different background noises are amplified by hearing aids, making it harder to keep up during lessons.

Digital hearing products for primary school

Comfort Audio’s wireless hearing products complement hearing aids by filtering out disturbing background noise and enhancing speech. They enable pupils with hearing impairments to play a full part in both lessons and social contexts outside school.

Help improve dialogue throughout the class

The assistive devices are easy to use and have been adapted for primary school teaching methods. One example is the push-to-talk Microphone DM10 which controls the sequence of verbal exchanges so that only one pupil can talk at a time. It supports a pupil with hearing impairment in conversations involving several classmates at once and helps improve dialogue in the class as a whole.