Hearing products for meetings and presentations

In meetings and presentations, hearing products are often needed to ensure a person with hearing impairment can clearly grasp what is being said. Usually, a hearing aid is not enough. This is because the situation is complex, as the people who are talking are spread around the room. Another reason is that hearing aids amplify all sound, including disturbing background noise.

With the right hearing product everyone can take part in the meeting

Comfort Digisystem complements your hearing aid in environments and situations where there is a lot of background noise and the sound comes from all directions at once.

These assistive devices uses digital technology to enhance speech and to filter out disturbing background noise before it reaches your hearing aid.

Powerful conference microphone with integrated receiver

The conference microphone is positioned on the table where it will effectively capture what is said by the meeting’s participants. The sound is digitally processed so that the meaningful parts of speech are amplified and background noise is filtered out. In addition, the conference microphone compensates for the differing speaker distances from the microphone and for differences in voice levels. The presenter can wear a microphone that captures what is being said and transmits it to the conference microphone for processing.