Woman sitting at her office with digital hearing products


... was how Gunilla Håkansson felt about Comfort Digisystem when she got to try it out for the first time.

Gunilla Håkansson works for the Volvo Car Corporation in Olofström. Her daily work often means she has to sit in meetings involving many other participants, as well as having to use the phone, which is an important tool of her working day. Just over three years ago, finding herself suddenly deaf in one ear and with significant hearing loss in the other, she acquired a hearing aid, supplemented by products from Comfort Audio’s Comfort Digisystem range. She is extremely satisfied and feels the equipment she has is really fantastic. She would never have been able to continue working without these products. 

Participates in meetings

With Conference Microphone DC20 Gunilla can now once again take part in meetings involving several participants. She thinks the DC20 is simply outstanding, and she has no hesitation in putting it down in the centre of the table and asking the other participants around it to speak one at a time so that she can follow everything that is said during the meeting. The remote control that goes with it allows her to easily change the settings on the conference microphone.

Because the telephone is such an important tool for Gunilla, she has her wireless phone connected to the Microphone DM80 via Bluetooth. The computer is also connected to it, which means she can avoid having to use speakers for it.

In situations where the distance from the person talking is slightly greater and use of the conference microphone is not appropriate, or there is more than one person talking, Gunilla uses the small and flexible Microphone DM05, and this works very well.

Simple and flexible neckloop

Gunilla uses the Receiver DH10 with a neckloop. She finds it really simple and flexible, as well as being easy to manage. The Receiver DH10 delivers very clear and distinct sound, completely free of noise or signal loss, and the sound is audible throughout without any tendency to fade.

Stylish design

Gunilla only accepted her hearing loss once she had started using Comfort Digisystem. Now she has a hearing impairment, but these special aids mean she can manage really well. 

“You yourself have to learn to understand and show interest if you are going to be able to accept your hearing loss,” she says.

She is not ashamed nor does she feel embarrassed at using the products. She is extremely satisfied with them and thinks they have a really stylish design which attracts the attention of colleagues and other people. The products do not give the impression of being special aids for people with hearing loss; on the contrary, lots of people think Gunilla has got a new and rather stylish mobile. For Gunilla, life has opened up again and it is finally beginning to work out for her.