Children around a round table with blue floor

Hear Miss’s voice so clearly

“We got to borrow Comfort Focus (one transmitter and three receivers) for two weeks.”

A clear improvement in Johan’s ability to concentrate

“The first person who got to test the headphones was Johan, in year 5. Johan has had a lot of trouble concentrating in a classroom environment throughout his school years. From the very first lesson we could see a clear improvement in his ability to concentrate. Quite a lot of the classroom noise could be excluded, and he could hear better what the teacher said. Several of his classmates became curious and wanted to try out the headphones, which got him to sit still and listen, so two friends, Emma and Kalle, were allowed to test them.”

Much easier to get down to work

“Johan thought his ability to concentrate improved so much that he interrupted me in the middle of an important meeting to ask for permission to wear the headphones after a substitute teacher wouldn’t let him use them! Kalle, who has a cerebral palsy condition, found it much easier to get down to work than before. His ability to concentrate was also boosted by using Comfort Focus. Emma also found it easier to concentrate, but the effect was not as marked as it was with the boys. We could see that if the teachers forgot to turn off the transmitter, the pupils were able to hear everything that was said, even from 30 metres away! Based on these experiences, we can fully recommend Comfort Focus.”

Ismo Pakkala, special needs teacher, Botkyrka Municipality