Young girl in school with wireless hearing product in neck loop

“I can keep up better now and can hear what everybody is saying”

“I’ve tried out various FM systems both at school and at home. But the sound has always been poor. I couldn’t hear my classmates, the teachers, or my mum and dad properly. It was kind of noisy and sounded tinny.”

Easy to use and no interference

“Our special needs teacher at school met with Comfort Audio and then told me and mum and dad about their hearing products. When I got to try them out, there was a massive difference. They suited me and were easy to use. I could hear really well. There was no interference at all.

Hear better at a distance

“I can keep up better now and can hear what everyone is saying, even if they’re sitting a long way away from me. And the microphones and that gadget I hang around my neck are small and light. They’re no trouble at all to carry with you. Now I have it on me all the time at school and I’m thinking of trying it at home as well.”