Mats Dörring and August Pansell receive the Swedish Electronic Price 2011
Press release

Comfort Audio received another prize for its unique digital hearing products

On 24 November 2011, Comfort Audio, technology leader within the field of hearing products, received the Swedish Electronic Prize during a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden. Already earlier this year, Comfort Audio has been awarded several prizes, for example the Best New Product Award at the world’s largest annual hearing conference, AudiologyNOW!, in Chicago or the Swedish Embedded Award.

The prize was awarded by the newspaper Elektronik i Norden and the industry’s organisation Svensk Elektronik (Swedish Electronics). It has been granted since 1980, many prestigious companies can be found among the previous prize winners. The criteria to be nominated are high technical level of the products and the company itself as well as solid economic development and growth.

Since the beginning in 1994, innovation has always been the key factor at Comfort Audio. Seven years ago, the founders decided to develop digital technology especially applied in wireless hearing products. The product family based on that new technology, Comfort Digisystem, was launched in 2007. This technology shift in the hearing aid industry is still valid today as the digital radio transfer outclasses analogue FM technique. Digital technology makes it possible to filter out disturbing background noise while speech is enhanced. For people with a hearing loss this means a whole new world of hearing, understanding and participation.

The products of the Comfort Digisystem supplement hearing aids or implants; since these not always give a speech and sound reproduction that is sufficient. Comfort Audio’s aim is to improve the life of people with a hearing loss at school, at work and at home.

- We are an innovative company, focused on development, and we are very proud to have received such a prestigious award. The users of our products confirm how much their lives have been improved – which we can see in the sales development around the world, says August Pansell, head of research and development at Comfort Audio.