Can you use the Comfort Digisystem for auditory processing or concentration problems?

Absolutely. The DH10 receiver is a great option for this, and we do have other options as well in our consumer line. While the DH10 is a neck loop receiver, you can also utilize it with a set of headphones or earbuds. You can adjust the volume so it does not get too loud, which is important for children with disorders that do not encompass hearing loss. You can use the DM05, DM10, or even the CD10 conference microphone.

A product specifically for auditory processing is the Comfort Audio Contego system, which is in our comfort line. It is distributed more as a direct-to-consumer product. Children can monitor their own voice and the teacher’s voice coming through the transmitter. Dr. Jeanane Ferre, an audiologist in Chicago who specializes in auditory processing, has recommended the Comfort Digisystems for students. She likes the Contego because children can monitor their own voice.

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