Making Hearing Aids and Streamers Even Better

Comfort Audio, the technology leader in digital wireless hearing systems and ALDs, will introduce several new products at the AudiologyNOW! Convention in Anaheim, CA on April 4, 2013.

Comfort Audio launches the second generation of DM, the Micro Receiver DT20. The Micro Receiver DT20 is the sequel to our award winning digital mini receiver originally presented at the AudiologyNOW! convention in 2011. The Micro Receiver DT20 is an additional option in the wide array of receivers that in conjunction with a multitude of microphone transmitters form the market's most groundbreaking DM-system, the Comfort Digisystem.

Another groundbreaking addition to the Comfort Digisystem, set to be released in the US market later this year, is the only true team-teaching microphone, the Microphone DM30. This microphone has unsurpassed versatility allowing the listener to not only hear the transmitted signal, but also talk and transmit their own signal, all while using a single unit.

An additional offering in the Comfort Digisystem family is a new microphone, Microphone DM90. The Microphone DM90 enables the user to fully utilize their Bluetooth phone by streaming the Bluetooth signal directly to their personal Comfort Digisystem receiver.

The Comfort Digisystem product line is not the only one to see new additions. The popular and easy to use hearing amplifier Comfort Duett has been fully redesigned and further upgraded, promising retailers a fantastic new listening device.

Comfort Audio’s new HearYou is a digital wireless system. The HearYou is comprised of a mini microphone and a receiver attached to the ear, with the look and feel of a cordless hands free ear level headset. In addition to the cosmetically appealing looks, the HearYou pairs automatically for easy functionality and is completely eavesdrop secure.

It´s not a hearing aid, it´s not an ALD, it’s HearYou!

All products are demonstrated live at AudiologyNOW! Booth #1791

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