How to scan a hearing aid – 6 simple steps

When using a radio receiver together with a hearing aid there is always a reason to find out how the environment will affect the receiver planned to use. Just in the same way that it’s important to check the magnetic environment when planning to use a loop system, it’s important to know about surrounding radio emissions when planning to use a miniature radio receiver.

In all cases it is recommended to use the scanning tool built in to the Programmer DT05, to assure the radio environment is good enough to expect a good radio transmission. So, even if you can find the hearing aid to be used in our listing of good compatibility, please test it for emissions.

1. Turn off transmitters
Ensure there is no Comfort Digisystem transmitters turned on nearby.

2. Start the hearing instrument
Start the hearing instrument but do not connect the Receiver DT10 or audio shoe.

3. Start the Scanner
Start your Programmer DT05 and select: Settings > HA Scanner.

4. Start scanning for emissions
Hold the hearing aid preferably by the earhook/ear tube to avoid interference from your hand, and as far away from the hearing aids electronics as possible. Position the hearing aid as close as possible to the built-in antenna in the Programmer DT05. Try to find the most powerful emission seen to the right of the bottom of the screen, by turning and twisting the hearing aid in different directions and positions: 

Antenna on the Programmer DT05 

5. Find the most powerful emission
When the most powerful emission from the hearing aid have been detected, it’s time to evaluate whether it is suitable for use with Receiver DT10. A more negative value equals lower emissions and vice versa (Ex -85 indicates stronger emissions than -95).

You can use the simple table below as a guideline:

  • Emission level between -105 and -90, low emission level: 
    Radio transmission should work fine.
  • Emission level between -90 and -85, medium emission level: 
    Radio transmission might be affected in terms of: reduced system reach, noise during quick movements of transmitter and/or receiver. Increased power consumption might occur. Use other type of Comfort Digisystem receiver if possible.
  • Emission level between -85 and -70, strong emission level: 
    Incompatible. Use other type of Comfort Digisystem receiver instead of Receiver DT10.



 6. Report your scanning results
Your scanning results are important to us! Please report your scanning results and other findings for previously not tested hearing aids.