How to fit Receiver DT10 to a hearing aid


  1. Check compatibility for the hearing aid in the Compatibility Guide.
  2. Prepare settings/programming of hearing aid
  3. Make sure audio shoe is available when fitting
  4. Check that fitting tools are OK

Scan hearing aid:

  1. Turn of Comfort Digisystem transmitters
  2. Start the hearing aid (no Receiver DT10 connected)
  3. Start scanner software in Programmer DT05. (If you are unsure on how to use the software, please read the guide "How to use the scanner function  in Programmer DT05")
  4. Check hearing aid for emissions and approximate usability according to table below:
  • Emission level -105 to -90 
    Good. Low or no emissions from hearing aid.
  • Emission level -90 to -85
    Maybe good. Medium low emissions
  • Emission level -85 to -70
    Poor. Very high emissions. Not compatible.

5. Your scanning results are important to us! Please report your scanning results and other findings for previously not tested hearing aids.

Fit Receiver DT10 to hearing aid:

  1. Connect Receiver DT10 to Programmer DT05
  2. Check availability of preferred radio channel by using FFC
  3. Pair Receiver DT10 to the Comfort Digisystem
  4. Program settings in Receiver DT10 and test listen whilst connected to Programmer DT05
  5. Connect Receiver DT10 to the hearing aid and test listen with stetoclips
  6. Instruct user on how to initiate sound via Receiver DT10.
  7. Listening test for the user. Important to find the best possible volume level.