Digital assistive listening devices for an easier working day

In many workplaces the noise levels are high, with different kinds of background noise. This creates problems for people who suffer from a hearing loss. The background noise is amplified by a hearing aid, which makes it difficult to remain attentive and participate. The price you pay for this demanding noise environment at work is fatigue and tension headaches.

Assistive listening devices that reduce the noise at work
With the right assistive listening device, the fact that you have a hearing loss no longer has to be an obstacle for you at work. Comfort Audio’s wireless assistive listening devices use digital technology to enhance speech and reduce disturbing background noise before it reaches you hearing aid.

Microphones and receivers for every situation
Comfort Digisystem consists of a series of microphones and receivers that can be combined flexibly, depending on the situation where you need help to hear better.

The purer sound makes it easier to hear, understand and participate fully during the entire working day.