Comfort Digisystem fits with almost all hearings aids and implants

Our Comfort Digisystem receivers are compatible with most hearing instruments with either a telecoil or DAI connection, or that has a streamer accessory with any of the mentioned connections. For in-the-ear type hearing instruments lacking these type of connections it is often possible to use our ear level receiver Receiver DE10.



Neckloop receiver DH10, DM30 or DM90

Audioshoe/ DAI

Mini receiver DT20

Connection with streamers Widex, Unitron,
Phonak, Siemens, Oticon, Audioservice, etc.

Minireceiver DT20

Tested and verified hearing instruments

This compatibility guide contains a limited set of hearing instruments that have been tested by us and are verified to work with our receivers. Use it to find information on recommended receiver types and fitting guides for the listed hearing instruments. If your device is not listed please make sure it has one of the listed connection options above.

Feel free to contact our support if you have questions about compatibility.

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Compatible products

Below you will find information about settings and other tips & tricks on how to combine your hearing instrument with a Comfort Digisystem receiver.

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