Couple in escalator with assisted hearing device Comfort Contego

"It turns out that the Comfort Contego is the best investment I could have made."

"I am writing to let you know of the superior benefits and performance of your Comfort Contego. I have worn hearing aids for a number of years, and have experienced increased hearing loss every couple of years. Each time I upgraded to the most sophisticated hearing aids on the market. In doing so I found that there was still a problem in my ability to process words, not just hear them through increased volume.

A year ago I began experimenting with FM Receivers by various manufacturers, but was never able to find a solution that suited my needs. Most of the units required the person speaking to be holding the transmitter. In situations such as conference calls, business meetings and public forums, this just was not practical. As I continued in investigate products through the internet I came upon Comfort Audio and the Contego FM Transmitter & Receiver. The product description sounded like the product I was searching for, but I was skeptical since all others sounded good as well. My audiologist was able to get the Comfort Contego for me on a thirty day trial basis. It turns out that the Contego is the best investment I could have made. I maintain control of the transmitter and it actually pulls voices from extended distances. I am now able to hear clearly at all types of meetings. By placing the transmitter near the TV speaker I am now able to watch, hear and understand television programming for the first time in a number of years. Previously I had given up watching TV because I would misunderstand so many words that the program would make no sense to me.

Comfort Contego has indeed given me a new and enthusiastic outlook on hearing loss. I know now that there is something out there that can relieve the anxiety and depression that hearing loss can create.

Having dealt with you personally about my Contego, I can't say enough about not only the product but the rapid response I received from you in addressing my issues. Thanks ever so much to you and Comfort Audio for making the Contego available to me and millions of others who suffer as I do from hearing loss."

Woodstock, MD