Man in blue shirt wearing a mini receiver

“Self-confidence! With just my usual hearing aid I often had to guess what people were saying or ask them to repeat themselves.”

“Now I can hear every little word and get the full gist of what is being said. Assistive listening devices also help me in many situations at work. When I’m in meetings I always take my favorite new gadget in with me – the conference microphone. It captures speech from all directions with the result that I can easily follow all that’s said in the room. On top of that, it’s attractively designed and easy to use.”

Studying on the same terms as everyone else
“The four different settings of the conference microphone mean it is fantastic in lectures as well. So now that I’m carrying on studying while still holding down a job, I can do it on the same terms as everyone else. My assistive listening devices have really helped me overcome what used to be an obstacle. It’s as if a new world has opened up for me!”