Microphone DM30 | US / Canada

Comfort Digisystem Microphone DM30

Freedom to participate and true team teaching for all.

Listen and talk with one single unit.

This unique microphone and receiver was developed to make school life easier for pupils with hearing loss

This unique push-to-talk microphone is perfect for both special schools and included pupils.

Can be used either as a teacher microphone or as a pupil receiver, including a push-to-talk function. The Free Channel Request (FCR)-function makes sure that only one student at a time can talk; like this, the pupil transmitters cannot disturb each other. 
  • As a side effect, the communication discipline in the classroom improves.

Perfect for special schools for hearing impaired, usable by teachers and students.

Please note that Comfort Digisystem products are not available on the US market.






Technology and functions


Secure Stream Technology (SST)

Unique digital sound transmission technology which eliminates all transmission noise. Encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.

Free Frequency Check (FFC)

The microphone searches for available channels and automatically shows suitable frequencies in the display.

Free Channel Request (FCR)

A unique function that ensures that only one microphone transmits at a time, irrespective of how many are used at once.