Assistive listening devices for high school and college

In high school and at college or university, motivation and commitment are needed. These are driving forces that are often engendered by social interaction and participation. But for someone with a hearing loss, it can be difficult to feel as though you are taking part, particularly in environments where there are lots of people and a lot of background noise.

Assistive listening devices for higher level study

The assistive listening devices in the Comfort Digisystem series have been developed for environments where there is a lot of background noise. They use a unique digital technology to enhance speech and filter out disturbing noise before the sound reaches your hearing aid. Comfort Digisystem also delivers clear sound over long distances, which is a great advantage during lectures, for instance.

Versatile, user-friendly digital assistive listening devices

The assistive listening devices are easy to use. Not only do they give you crystal clear sound during discussions, group work and lectures, they can also be connected to external sound sources such as cell phones, DVD players and computers.